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Friday, May 18, 2012

San Francisco Art Markt 2012

Lots of great art at the Art Mrkt.  Here are some of my favorites:

Photographs (like the one above) by Alfred Seiland
Encaustic paintings by Alicia Tormey
Works on paper by Frank Stella (scroll down on this link to the Faaris Car blog post)
Paintings by Timothy Cummings, (especially one titled "Floralia," which is not visible on the Catharine Clark Gallery website - gallery, also, of my art teacher Chester Arnold's work)
A lot of photographers represented by the Modernbook Gallery (especially Tom Chambers, Jamie Baldridge and Sara Friedlander)
Some great sculpture and paintings by the late, great Viola Frey from the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in NY
Some beautiful photocopy collage from the late, great Bruce Conner
and last, but not least, C. Antieau and Jason Holley's art from the Red Truck Gallery in New Orleans (especially C.'s "Ghost of Birds")

All in all, worth the trip to the Concourse Exhibition Center in SF this weekend!