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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Star Wars Soundtrack That Wasn't

Back in the 1990s, when I was still at Lucasfilm Licensing, I wanted to do for Star Wars music what I was doing for Star Wars publishing but The Force wasn't with me on that idea.  One good thing that did come out of my exploration into a possible line of original soundtrack CDs was a compilation album put together by Virgin's A&R guy in London in January of 1996 as an imagined score to the Star Wars Dark Forces computer game (released in 1995).  I still have the demo CD and all of the cuts are now available on iTunes and Amazon.com.  It's a great album!  Here's the breakdown:

Massive Attack (from their 1994 Virgin CD "Protection")
Protection 7:51
Karmacoma 5:16
Weather Storm 5:00

Fluke (from their 2001 Virgin CD "Progressive History X")
Tosh  6:31
Bullet  7:46

Whale (from their 1995 Virgin CD "We Care")
Pay For Me  4:24
That's Where It's At  4:15

Photek (from their 1996 Virgin CD "The Hidden Camera")
KJZ 7:50

The Chemical Brothers (from their 1995 Virgin CD "Exit Planet Dust")
Leave Home  5:32
Chemical Beats  4:50
F**k Up Beats  1:25

I thought of this recently since The Chemical Brothers have a new album due out that's getting lots of attention.  What I didn't know until now was that they were originally called the Dust Brothers and only changed their name to The Chemical Brothers on their "Exit Planet Dust" album.  Since dust can contain a lot of lead, I thought an illustration of Atomic Number 82 - the chemical symbol for Lead - was appropriate here.


Ryan said...

Chemical Brothers are a London-based group, Dust Brothers are LA. They are not the same group.

Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

The Chemical Brothers were called Dust Brothers in London before they changed their name, motivated by the original US Dust Brothers who threatened legal action over the use of the band's name per wikipedia and also Virgin websites: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Chemical_Brothers