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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Giovanni Rainaldi, Ibiza Jeweler Extraordinaire

Continuing on the theme of fine jewelry, thanks to the worldwide web, great jewelers around the world are now just a touch of the mouse away.  One of the best, Giovanni Rainaldi, works on the remote island of Ibiza, off the coast of Spain, selling his original creations at an outdoor market on weekends.  More information on his work can be found here.

I used to go to Ibiza nearly every summer for several years to visit friends who lived there, or I would take a side trip when I attended the Bologna or Frankfurt bookfairs for work.  Everytime I went, my first stop would be to Giovanni's stall at Las Dahlias or the studio he has at the house he shares with his artist wife.  Now when I wear a piece Giovanni made I remember my vacation, my friends and the nicest and most accomplished jeweler I've yet met.

If you can get to Ibiza it's worth the trip, especially if you go to the weekend markets where, besides fine jewelry, one can find rare articles of clothing and other objects from Kazakhstan to India to Bali.  But if you can't go there, visit "Artesanos de Ibiza" and order on-line.

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