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Monday, April 26, 2010

Blood Safari and Vultures

I love it when I discover a great new (to me) murder mystery writer, especially when their books teach me something new while entertaining me.  Blood Safari by Deon Meyer is one such book.

Did you know different species of vultures in Africa eat different dead animal parts and all are needed to clean up rotting carcasses before they breed flies that spread disease?  In South Africa, for example, there's the hooded vulture, the Cape Griffon vulture and the lappet-faced vulture all specializing in different tasks.  As I discovered to my horror when researching the book Cause of Death, the great creatures of the world are being killed off at a great rate by man - which does not bode well for our future on this planet.  I just never thought of vultures in that light before.

Here's an interesting website with more vulture information and photos and facts about a large number of vultures throughout the world.
Art by Lea (Lucy Ellen Autrey)

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